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Sometimes the Way to Win Is to Avoid the Fight

Lawsuits can be costly, not only in terms of money and delay, but also in terms of your personal happiness and well-being. And in the end, the judge or jury may not do what you hope they will do.

Mediation puts you in control. Mediation is a structured, confidential negotiation guided by an impartial problem-solver—a mediator.

The mediator you choose is important. You want a mediator who understands the facts and the law that apply to your dispute. You want a mediator who has the skill to navigate the human dynamics at play. You want a mediator who knows how to move the parties past stalemate and to resolution.

When you’re ready to talk settlement, get the right mediator at the table. The lawyers at Murdock Law understand the ins and outs of construction, business, and insurance cases. Let us help you create your own success story.

Why a Murdock Law Mediator Is Your Best Move

Done well, a mediation should bridge the divide between the parties. Without the price of a lawsuit. Without the delay of a lawsuit. On the parties’ own terms.

Choosing a mediator with subject-matter proficiency is the smart move. We have litigated countless construction, business, and insurance disputes. As a result, we know the right questions to ask to drill down to the core of your case. We will give you an informed, honest, and objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. And all the while, you remain in control of whether, and under what terms, you will remove the uncertainty with a settlement.

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