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Our little corner of the world has changed so much in recent months. Effective March 16, for the safety of our clients, our visitors, and our team at Murdock Law, we will be limiting in-person meetings and working remotely until the COVID-19 crisis has passed. Our team is still working just as hard as ever for you–together, yet, apart. As we look forward to returning to the new normal, we’ll continue to follow guidance from our local public health department and ensure that our physical operations are in compliance with all applicable governmental orders.

This is unfamiliar terrain we are navigating, yet we find ourselves well-prepared for a situation like this. One of our visions from day one of Murdock Law was to create a firm that allowed us to work no matter where we were located. Admittedly, this vision involved a tropical beach, but we recognized the value of being able to work remotely in many situations.

We worked hard over the past three years to make this vision a reality. We have fielded urgent client calls while at Disneyland with our kids, we have written appellate briefs from a hotel in Nashville, and we have negotiated settlement offers from a beach in Costa Rica. In short, we developed systems and processes that make our office entirely mobile, so that we can continue serving our clients no matter where we (or they) may be.

For our clients, our working remotely should feel pretty much like business as usual. You can continue accessing your files online through our client portals, calling us at our regular office phone numbers, and emailing us as usual. If you need a meeting with us, we’ll accommodate you with an online video meeting. Thankfully, we live in a time of incredible technological advances.

The entire Murdock Law team will be working remotely, most of us with kids and/or pets at home. So, if you call us and hear a young kid in the background asking for more art supplies, or a dog barking at the postal carrier, bear with us. We’re here for you, and we’ll get through this together.

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