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Wisconsin Construction Lawyers

There are numerous legal issues that can arise out of construction and remodeling projects.  We have seen it all from simple payment disputes to complicated delay and acceleration claims. We have helped contractors navigate the maze of regulations that affect their business and defend against payment and construction claims. We have forced insurance companies who were unwilling to extend coverage for construction defect and personal injury claims arising out of construction projects.  We have helped numerous property owners recover on claims against contractors for construction defects and delays.

Remodeling Issues
There are unique laws that apply to remodeling projects and we help both owners and contractors navigate the legal pitfalls that arise out of remodeling projects.
Construction Defects
Work that is defective and does not meet the owners' reasonable expectation can damage the property, cause physical injuries, and reduce the value of the building. We are experienced in pursuing and defending against construction defect claims.
Design Errors
Design errors can result from many factors including unclear overview of the designs, lack of coordination process, and human mistakes. Design errors can delay projects , affect safety performance, and cost significant amounts to fix.
Construction Liens
Wisconsin lien law provides a mechanism for contractor to protect their right to get paid for work.
Delay Claims
Delay claims typically arise out of unanticipated project events and circumstances which extend the project and/or prevent work from being performed as originally planned. Such delays can be costly for contractors and owners alike.
Insurance Coverage
We have helped numerous contractors and property owners obtain insurance coverage for claims of construction defects.